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A) Pulmonary Surfactant Function and Dysfunction
We established an important surfactant inhibition mechanism and explained it at the molecular level. Moreover, the follow up work led to the discovery of a potential treatment.

B) The Interaction of Nanosized Airosols with the Lung
We discovered that the distribution of the electrical surface potential of pulmonary surfactant at the air-lung interface is highly structured and influences strongly how nanosized particles are retained in the lung (together with my collaborator Dr. Leonenko).

C) Single Cell Force Spectroscopy
My lab uses single cell force spectroscopy to reveal whether, and how, particles of specific properties interact with the cells of the alveolar wall. This method was largely expanded by my collaborator Dr. Shi’s lab, in an application to immunology (published in Immunity and discussed in Science in the Editors’ choice section, and was cited in Nature, Nature Review Immunology and Faculty 1000 only four months after print).


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Book Chapters:
1. Matthias Amrein, Peter Gerber, Samuel Schurch, Francis Green, The passage of ultrafine aerosols across the pulmonary surfactant film Particle-Lung Interactions, Second Edition, (the “Work”) edited by Peter Gehr, PhD; Fabian Blank, PhD; Christian Mühlfeld, MD; and Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser, PhD, to be published by Informa Healthcare USA, Inc., in press

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Recent Talks/Guest Speaker:
1. How nanosized aerosols enter the lung and interact with the body: A spectroscopic insight into the forces governing particle-lung interactions. Biophysics Seminar Series, Department of Physics, University of Waterloo, Ontario, April 1, 2009

2. Single Cell Force Spectroscopy: Seminar in “New Frontiers in Electron Microscopy”, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), March 23, 2009

3. A comparative study of mechanisms of surfactant inhibition: i-CLIIP conference on surfactant, May 21, 2008 Toronto (best oral presentation award)

4. Molecular mechanisms of surfactant inhibition, Invited Seminar, Inselspital Bern, June 26, 2007

5. Molecular mechanisms of surfactant inhibition, Invited Seminar, Nycomed, Konstanz July 2, 2007

6. Molecular mechanisms of surfactant inhibition, Invited Seminar, Anatomisches Institut Bern, June 25, 2007

7. Molecular mechanisms of surfactant inhibition, Surfactant 2007. International Floating Congress Hamburg, Germany, 02.07.–09.07.2007

8. Biomedical NanoScience at the University of Calgary, UofA, Physics Department and NINT, Edmonton, December 10, 2003 .

9. The Structure and Function of Pulmonary Surfactant. M. Amrein, Invited Seminars, Memorial University, St. Johns, Newfoundland, March 2005

10. The Structure and Function of Pulmonary Surfactant: Methods. M. Amrein, Invited Seminars, Memorial University, St. Johns, Newfoundland, March 2005

11. The role of cholesterol in structure and function of pulmonary surfactant. M. Amrein, Invited seminar at the Lawson Health Research Institute, UofWO, London, April 2006.


1. Behandlung von Surfactanten 10 2007 025 898.6-41, applied

2. Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Untersuchen einer oberflächenaktiven Substanz (PCT/DE02/01828), applied.

3. Method for locally highly resolved, mass-spectroscopic characterisation of surfaces using scanning probe technology, United States Patent 20060097164

Current Collaborations:
Local collaborations with the labs of: Drs. Yan Shi, Peter Tielemann, (Dr. Svetlana Baoukina), Elmar Prenner, John Matyas lab and May Ho.

Canadian labs: Dr. Zoya Leonenko, University of Waterloo; Drs. Ruud Veldhuizen, Fred Possmayer and Jim Lewis, University of Western Ontario

USA: Dr. Farzam Javadpour
Industrial Partners: JPK-Instruments AG, Berlin; Pneuma Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Delaware

CIHR operating grant; CIHR resource grant; Alberta Lung Association; CFI new opportunity; Alberta Childrens’ Hospital Foundation; Innovation Fund of Veterinary Medicine; Advanced Energy Consortium Texas, Industry sponsorship (JPK-Instruments AG, Berlin)


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