Senior Associate Dean (Research)/Professor
Novartis Chair for Schizophrenia Research
Departments of Physiology & Biophysics/Cell Biology & Anatomy
Cumming School of Medicine

Office: 7D13 TRW
Tel: (403) 220-8687 (Office)
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Hotchkiss Brain Institute



My laboratory works on structure, function and modulation of neuronal voltage-gated calcium channels. Using a combination molecular biological, electrophysiological and biochemical techniques, we are investigating the molecular determinants which govern the interactions of presynaptic calcium channels with G proteins and proteins of the vesicle release complex (SNAREs). A second major research direction of the laboratory is the elucidation of the structural determinants which underlie calcium channel function, with a particular focus on voltage dependent inactivation. Through a collaboration with NeuroMed Technologies. Inc. we participate in the development of novel calcium channel antagonists.


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Voltage Gated Calcium Channels, Kluwer/Landes Bioscience, 2004

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